Our Products

Product positioning

Food products are designed and formulated to cater for the specific nutritional needs of each population target group.

Life cycle All products are scientifically formulated for optimal bioavailability and efficiency with due consideration of the health status of the population target group. Unless stated, all products contain Nutri-Caro-E ®, a patented and unique premix blend of wholefood nutrients and plant extracts. It provides a spectrum of complex vitamins and minerals to address micronutrient deficiencies, promote physical growth and development, assists with recovery and optimal health, and to strengthen the immune system.  This premix contains those micronutrients known to be absent or deficient in the diet of most people, especially in the diet of vulnerable population groups. In addition, it also contains a unique combination of natural plant derived carotenoids, full spectrum Vitamin E, phytonutrients and phytosterols, all of which provide numerous health and disease prevention benefits.  All micro nutrients components are known to enhance the immune system and are in “whole food” form resulting in food products with high bioavailability and effectiveness, no adverse side effects, and friendly to the digestive system.

Portions are formulated to provide up to 50% if the daily required nutritional reference values.

SOZO products do not contain any preservatives, no stabilizers, no emulsifiers, with all micronutrients in organic “wholefood” form.  Where possible only plant derived, and organic ingredients are used.

All health and nutritional claims are verifiable and under constant peer review.  Please see the “Sozo Food and Beyond Nutrition” brochure for full details of health and nutritional benefits.

Product Nutritional Advantages

Contains plant derived squalene, phytosterols, coenzyme Q10.
Contains full spectrum natural complex carotenoids (13 different carotenes).
Beta-carotene is a precursor of Vitamin A (retinol) and is not harmful in pregnancy unlike pre-formed Vitamin A typically contained in supplements and fortifications.
Comprises full spectrum natural complex of Vitamin E with Tocotrienols (80%) and Tocopherols.
All micronutrients are in the form of complex amino acids and in organic state.
All products are functional food products which benefits health promotion and disease prevention beyond the provision of essential nutrients.
All ingredients are known to enhance the immune system.
Contains the major micronutrients typically absent and associated with malnutrition, deficiencies, or due to illness and disease.
Addresses both macro- (energy & protein) and micro-nutrients requirements.
Products are formulated for high bio-availability – is easily digestible and highly absorbable.
All products are non-toxic and proven to be safe.
Contains no synthetic nutrients or preservatives.
Specifically formulated to treat nutritional requirements and to promote optimal health.
Formulated to provide for the daily recommended dietary allowance in specific target groups.
Directly impacts stunted growth and intellectual development during the first years of a child’s life.
Products not only address nutrient deficiencies but are also beneficial to consumers who want to maintain a healthy and optimal lifestyle.
Functional food proven to have specific health and protective properties

Health Benefits

Optimal physical and mental growth and development.
Longevity and anti-aging properties.
Anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects.
Neuro protection, support and health (strokes, dementia, cognitive function).
Heart, cholesterol and cardio vascular health, support and protection.
Assists with blood sugar management (diabetes).
Protect cells against free radical damage (anti-oxidants).
Reduces risk of cancer.
Reduce osteoporosis.
Improves gastrointestinal health.
Hair and skin health.
Sozo Food products do not contain any synthetic nutrients, are non-allergic, easy digestible, formulated for high bioavailability, and suitable for recovery and respite units. The products contain no animal by products, are naturally free from preservatives, and are extremely rich in anti-oxidants.
All products are formulated to provide a minimum of 50% NRV per portion.