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Our food products are designed and formulated to cater for the specific nutritional needs of each population target group.

  • What is the aim of Sozo Foods?

    The aim of Sozo Food is to develop and supply food products fortified with micro-nutrients to reduce micronutrient deficiencies in target groups. Micronutrient deficiency is commonly associated with malnutrition. Even though mostly associated with developing countries, this is by no means exclusive to these countries and has become a common ailment even in developed countries where illness and lifestyle often result in nutritional deficiencies.

    In association with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), a patented bouquet of non-synthetic micronutrients in the form of a versatile and natural premix has been scientifically developed to use in different food products. These products are specifically developed and tailored as an easy administered supplementary food to address the deficiencies associated with malnutrition and nutritional deficiency. The application of the premix in the food products allows for a single serving that could provide up to 50% of the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV). It provides a spectrum of vitamins and minerals to address micronutrient deficiencies, promote physical growth and development, and to strengthen the immune system.

    The patented premix is called Nutri Caro-E.

  • What is Nutri-Caro-E(R)

    A patented and unique premix blend of wholefood nutrients and plant extracts. It provides a spectrum of complex vitamins and minerals to address micronutrient deficiencies, promote physical growth and development, assists with recovery and optimal health, and to strengthen the immune system.

    This premix contains those micronutrients known to be absent or deficient in the diet of most people, especially in the diet of vulnerable population groups. In addition, it also contains a unique combination of natural plant derived carotenoids, full spectrum Vitamin E, phytonutrients and phytosterols, all of which provide numerous health and disease prevention benefits..

  • How many biscuits can I eat?

    Formulated for 2 x biscuits as a single portion. Delicious healthy biscuits made with wholesome ingredients only. Formulated for optimal health and micro nutrient requirements.

    Easy to administer and distribute as part of a feeding scheme, consistent and simple portion control. Can also be administered as a porridge by mixing with hot water to become a paste.

    Affordability makes them ideal for addressing micronutrient deficiencies.