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  • Cereals

    The SOZO cereal is a prime product and a full functional and nutritional food.
    A high energy and high protein instant cereal formulated for specific target population groups.

  • Maize Meal

    Two fortifications types are available. The Micro Nutritionformulations is a white maize meal that is formulated to addresses micro nutrient requirements and deficiencies (“Hidden hunger”).
    The Optimal Formulation maize meal contains micro nutrients as well as additional functional ingredients for optimal health. The naturally yellow colour is due to the plant derived extracts and carotenoids.

  • Porridge

    A healthy alternative to standard starch rich maize meal. Ideal for mass and part of intervention feeding program to address nutritional deficiencies and optimal health.

  • Soya Mince

    Soya mince is a blend of dehydrated vegetables, textured soya protein, food ingredients and spices. High in protein, low in salt.

  • Shakes for pregnant women

    A functional food meal supplement in the form a shake formulated to meet the nutritional requirements associated with pregnancy due to the physiologic changes of the woman and the metabolic demands of the fetus. Formulated for optimal health and immune support.

  • Shakes for nutrition

    A meal replacement and nutritional supplement in the form of a shake.

  • Shakes for sport recovery

    Provides recovery nutrition after an exhaustive physical activity or sport.  Formulated for optimal recovery and very high in protein.

  • Biscuits

    High in protein & energy, delicious healthy biscuits made with wholesome ingredients only. Formulated for optimal health and micro nutrient requirements.

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